Jupiter electronics and telecom systems give utmost importance to after sales support. In fact, they consider support service as the core of their business. Every business undertakes extreme pleasure to sell product. However, a very few give equal importance to provide support to their customers after sales. At Jupiter Electronics and telecom systems, after sales service is considered as important as selling a product can be taken up by anyone but to support your customer in need of the hour is more important at Jetpower™. Enlightening the customer with best in the Industry and supporting it with after sales is the key Mantra which we follow at Jetpower™. Our Customer care Deptt is fully equipped with Gadgets and Instruments required for testing and repairing of UPS System.
JetPower™ is widely known in the power industry for immense and flawless support when it comes to matter related to Batteries, UPS systems, High capacity inverters and other Power conditioning products. The organization is also supported by professional engineers who have proved their mettle in the field of Power Industry with specialization in High Capacity Online UPS systems for its component level repairs and maintenance.

Our Support Team is well equipped with experienced manpower having a successful track record of complete technical knowledge in the field of power conditioning. UPS systems, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer, CVT’s Batteries and other technical equipments are repaired at component level. We boast upon our capabilities to support our customers with timely support when required by our customers. Our customers are associated to us right from the day of inception of the company and form a major partner in our successful journey. The best part is that any new entrant to Jupiter family is offered a key word that please be honest to your work and your customers.Organization’s parent concern is always to become supportive and careful to the customer and ensure achievement of customer needs and wants and to satisfy them with our technically competent services and have an attitude to become a profitable and always growing organization.
At Jupiter electronic and telecom systems our customers can always trust us for an honest business approach, timely services offered in an effective and careful manner.