Jetpower Change Over Panel

ETS boasts to its credit of designing products based on customer's specific requirements. Rich experience and Expertise in designing and understanding customer needs is the quality of JTS Team. We have designed and offered AC to DC power supply Transformer based /SMPS based to our customers for their specific requirements. We dedicatedly work on our customer's needs & wants and after understanding the application our team goes Back to its desk and start working towards achieving our Targeted Goals. Our designed products perform trouble free Backed by our dedicated and effective after sales support.

Specs can be designed as per specific requirements based on our valued customers requirements.

  • Input Voltage : 50/90/110/150/220 V AC
  • Output : 12V DC or as asked by customer
  • Current : 2 Amps to 8 Amps
  • Type : Transformer/ SMPS

Change Over Panel

JTS Power have designed a product specifically for one of its telecom customers .These change over panels are designed absolutely in made to order requirement format. These change over panels are a combination of Electronic & electrical science and have been in practical usage now almost from 18 months in field. These Panels have been custom designed with electronic circuitry to automatically change over the power sensitive no break instruments installed at remote locations to perform successfully at lot of unmanned locations too. Change over panels is designed to perform in stringent power and temperature conditions. Jetpower’s strong technical and support team backs these smartly designed electrical panels and are always ready to renovate the product for changed demand of the future.

JTS do the development job for customers who have a site specific requirement We deliver with performance products which can enlighten your projects and be a small Partner in our customer’s Growth path. JTS are also in to design and development Of Electrical Panels for new buildings and Data Centers for IT and ITES application and Industrial Application.